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Commercial and Resale Accounts

Acquah's Enterprise Inc offers commercial and resale accounts to its qualified customers. Qualified customers are usually (but not limited to) boat builders, charter operators, stocking dealers/re-sellers, haul out yards and facilities, boat dealers, engine repair shops, industrial marine businesses, riggers, etc.

Customers with commercial and resale accounts are eligible to receive quantity and volume pricing discounts, dated order programs, open account payment terms, etc.

To apply for a commercial or resale account please contact [email protected] or call us at 1-855-732-4665, Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m to receive an application via fax or mail.

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Customer Service
(855) 732-4665
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#1 Marine Boat Hooks at Wholesale Prices!
Some of the industries and clients that we work with are government, dredgers, construction, earth conservations, navy, marine, army, etc.