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When you need to snag a dock line or fend off from the dock you need one of Acquah’s marine heavy-duty boat hooks. Our boat hooks feature a large hook that makes pulling ropes, nets, and buoys out of the water quick and easy. Easy to manipulate, you can move most objects in any direction. This hot dipped galvanized steel hook comes in six different lengths of 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, and 16 feet, all with a diameter of 1 and ½ inches and they float for easy recovery should they end up in the water.Strong, rugged, and durable, you’ll be able to conveniently pick anything out of the water. You can also use he planar push rod set at a 45-degree angle to fend off from the dock or any other structure. The hook and rod are both tipped with spherical beads that help capture ropes and prevent damage to your vessel. CLICK TO APPLY >
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