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Survival Boat Hook Testimonials

The Newport Beach California Harbor Police had a 400 pound MOB to rescue, but could not get him aboard. They hooked his clothing with a boat hook, and towed him to shore.

Last year, we did a crew check-off and for the MOB exercise the QE threw one of my life-rings over the side. We used a boat hook to bring the life ring back aboard. The QE wanted me to put two crew members on the swim step to retrieve the life ring, and I refused as that would be putting the crew members in danger, i.e., exhaust fumes, propellers. In a real-life situation maybe, but for just a practice no.

These stories were selected from random people that encountered these situations and how the boat hook made a difference in their lives. 

If you would like to submit a written testimonial or a photo testimonial, please email them to [email protected]

Former crewman Billy Sutherland (L) practices a ceremonial boat hook drill on the Royal Yacht Britannia's Royal Barge in Edinburgh, Scotland May 16, 2012..  
Photograph by: David Moir ,Reuters
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