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The shell is made of tough high density polyethylene that is U.V. stabilized. With 100% foam filling, the buoy will not absorb water if torn or punctured. The floating polypropylene grab line can be easily replaced in the field. Buoys are available in international orange only.

Reflectors Optional RB 24: 24" (61 cm) - USCG Approval no.160.050/130/0
RB 30: 30" (76 cm) - USCG Approval no.160.050/131/0
RB30S meets SOLAS requirements with International orange and reflective tape
RB 30S: 30" (76 cm) - USCG Approval no.160.050/9/0 SOLAS 74/83

SEAHORSE Orange Lifeline Ring Buoy

Acquah's Enterprise is continuously expanding its product lines to meet our client needs, if you don't see it, ask us and we will source it for you at competitive prices.